ABSTRACT. Scholarship about the determinants of handling consulting companies, consultants as administrative and knowledge outsiders concerning their clients, the rising competitiveness of the consulting sector, and the consulting industry’s overreliance on individuals has increased and consolidated, especially in recent years. The objective of this paper is to emphasize forms of consulting knowledge, effective instruments management consultants employ in legitimating their performance, the strategic challenges confronting the consulting sphere, and the organizational patterns that ground the consulting industry. My paper contributes to the literature by providing evidence on consultants as transmitters of business methods and carriers of organizational change approaches, knowledge flow in client–consultant connections, the intrinsic link between clients and consultants, and the position of knowledge to the consulting performance. pp. 71–76
JEL codes: M12; M54; D83

Keywords: management consultancy industry; knowledge economy; competitiveness

How to cite: Lazaroiu, George (2015), “The Role of the Management Consultancy Industry in the Knowledge Economy,” Psychosociological Issues in Human Resource Management 3(2): 71–76.

Received 14 March 2015 • Received in revised form 12 October 2015
Accepted 12 October 2015 • Available online 18 October 2015

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Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies in
Humanities and Social Sciences, New York;
Spiru Haret University

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