ABSTRACT. This article looks at how personal attributes, behavior, and values develop into a wide range of skills and personal competencies to enable the creation of firm capabilities. Skills, competencies, and capabilities are required to enable the entrepreneur and firm to identify opportunities, engage in a start-up, and manage the growth of an enterprise. Different sets of skills, competencies and capabilities are required during different stages of the firm lifecycle. Finally this paper explains how personal skills, competencies, and firm capabilities must form the basis of any strategy, for that strategy to be implemented effectively. pp. 37–107
JEL Codes: J24, D21, F23

Keywords: abilities, talents, skills, competencies, capabilities, organization culture, strategy, entrepreneurship

How to cite: Hunter, Murray (2013), "Capabilities throughout the Organization Lifecycle," Psychosociological Issues in Human Resource Management 1(1): 37–107.

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