ABSTRACT. The writer, a harlequin himself, speculates on ways that modern harlequins (Cioran, Dostoyevsky, Faulkner, Proust, Mann, Joyce and Kafka) weave their textual cloaks which are at times torn by life or language. The game of creation is quite originally analyzed through the prism of Pamfil (dream theory), Serres (the metaphor of the harlequin’s cloak), Schleiermacher (romantic hermeneutics), Epimenides of Crete/ Knossos (the paradox of the liar) or Auerbach (passage study).

Keywords: game, harlequin, hermeneutics, (post)modern

Pârlog AC (2020) Studying while playing with the weaving and patching of the cloak. Creativity 3(2): 159–164. doi:10.22381/C3220206

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West University of Timişoara,
Faculty of Letters, History and Theology,
Department of Modern Languages and Literatures,
English Department; Timişoara, Romania

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