ABSTRACT. The anthropological and SF equation was enriched in the 19th and 20th centuries by the massive discoveries in Assyriology. Zecharia Sitchin (1920–2010) proposed in this sense a consistent system of decryption of the vast history of humanity as it unfolded especially in the past 6000 years, but also exploring the prehistoric origins of mankind placed some 300,000 years ago. The following is a concise and selective micro-review, arranged as a lexicon, of the seven volumes making up what Sitchin called The Earth Chronicles, namely: The 12th Planet [1976]; Stairway to Heaven [1980]; The wars of gods and men [1985]; The lost realms [1990]; When time began [1993]; The cosmic code [1998] The end of days [2007] (Harper Collins, New York). Our purpose is to give the reader an alphabetical key to some crucial elements in the intricate system of history decodification developed by Sitchin in The Earth Chronicles, which laid the foundation of what is now known as the “paleoastronaut” (or “ancient astronaut/alien”) hypothesis. At the end we offer also genealogical schemes of the essential protagonists in the Sumerian and (for comparative purposes) the Greek mythological pantheon.

Keywords: Adam & Eve; Lulu Amelu; Genesis; Enuma Elish; Sumerian & Akkadian literature & science; Sumerian gods; shar; precession; zodiac

Stroe MA (2020) Zecharia Sitchin on the Earth Chronicles: a concise lexicon of Sumerian lore. Creativity 3(2): 165–237. doi:10.22381/C3220207

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English Department; Bucharest, Romania;

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