ABSTRACT. An insight into entrepreneurial behavior based on the intentions given in students’ perceived desirability and feasibility and formed by gender differences is presented in the context of educational settings of various universities with different educational requirements and institutional backgrounds. The study was tested on the sample of 4249 students from seven countries, namely Austria, Croatia, France, Israel, Lithuania, Poland and Slovenia, clustered into 4 groups based on varying levels of economic development, political and economic integration and the awareness of their entrepreneurial backgrounds. The results of the study showed similarities and discrepancies in desirability and feasibility that form entrepreneurial intent as well as gender differences and perceived importance of educational attainment according to designed clusters. pp. 68-86


Keywords: Entrepreneurial education, entrepreneurial intention, gender differences 

Marina Dabić
Maja Bašić
Ivan Novak
University of Zagreb
Tugrul Daim
Portland State University
Elvan Bayraktaroglu
Istanbul Technical University

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