ABSTRACT. A couple is assessing the viability of opening a healthy easy-meal preparation store in the Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina area. At first glance, the “prepare-it-yourself” restaurant concept looked promising. People were becoming more concerned with having meals that were both healthy and easy to prepare. It also appeared that the do-it-yourself concept was becoming more popular since people could prepare their own healthy meals, save time by not having to purchase food items, prepare meals at home, and clean after preparing meals. The new concept would provide these people with the healthy food (no shopping), a facility to prepare the meal themselves (save on regular restaurant costs), and no after-meal clean up (provided by the restaurant staff). This new restaurant concept should be attractive to both families in which both spouses hold full-time jobs and even to families in which only one spouse held a full-time job but were interested in healthy and low-cost meals as compared to taking the family to a full-service restaurant. The couple must decide if they should open the store and if so how to develop a promotional strategy that will reach their target market(s). This case would work well for graduate and undergraduate strategy courses and entrepreneurial courses. pp. 86-92


Keywords: Promotional strategy, social media, and customer engagement 

Marcy L. Courier
Robert McMurrian
James M. Lee
University of Tampa

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