ABSTRACT. The humans live in a strictly material world and they are constantly trying to keep things and subsequently their life, together at all times. As such, in relationships with others, there is a constant need for teaching a national organizational system recognized and accepted by everyone. Regardless of the type of organization, be it family- or tribe-based, the basis is the same, all of us having one thing in common: “man shall not be alone”. Mention must be made that Christ describes the role of human existence on Earth in the following words: “Love your neighbor as thy self” (Mark 12, 30-31). Theocracy in harmony with democracy is then the heart of the matter, and our canonical study will be dealing with it in terms of the Local Orthodox Ecumenical Synods.

Keywords: theocracy; democracy; emperor; Synod; fathers; Canons

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Reverend Associate Professor PhD at 1 Decembrie 1918 University,
Faculty of Orthodox Theology, Alba Iulia, Romania

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