Analysis of selected works by Sara Teasdale will explore the style of her poetry, highlighting its evolutionary character in connection with life experiences that finally led to her committing suicide. The ambivalence of this poetry (beauty and love / loneliness and solitude) expresses exactly the wide range of emotions and feelings that she fought against – pain vs. pleasure, silence vs. song, as well as her permanent search for a lover/nurturer. Teasdale fits perfectly the pattern of tropes that can be found in the poetic atmosphere of the time, also in her contemporaries’ notion of a lady poet who uses them to express the burdening pendulation between aspiration and violation, power and weakness, ambition and fear. Moreover the study attempts at approaching the mysteries that fueled the creative process of a disturbed-enough mind to put an end to her existence. pp. 120–127

Keywords: depression, isolation, fine madness

Mihaela Prioteasa
University of Craiova, Romania
Aurel Nirestean
Targu Mures University School of Medicine, Romania

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