ABSTRACT. As is well known, the Romanian Orthodox Church was always, in its entire history, part of the Romanian people’s fight for freedom, rights, dignity and national unity. This was no different during the First World War. In this huge conflict, in the Romanian Army, the military priests represented living torches, who maintained in the soldiers’ souls their faith in God, in victory, and in the value of their supreme sacrifice for the salvation and the good of the nation. Father Neculai V. Hodoroabă proved to be a worthy servant of the Church and of the Romanian nation, a true patriot who fought physically, intellectually, morally and spiritually for the realization of the centuries-old ideal of his people, the reunification of the holy land of his fathers and ancestors. pp. 9–16

Keywords: Neculai V. Hodoroabă; militancy; World War I; national unity; reunification of Transylvania with Romania; dignity

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