ABSTRACT. Idiomatic expressions are fairly popular in journalistic style, par¬ticularly in newspaper headings and they are aimed at sparking the reader’s curiosity and enhancing the memorability of a comment. The aim of this research is to identify the types of verbal idioms that convey emotions in newspaper headlines in Romanian. We will also highlight the particular effects that journalists intend to achieve by using idiomatic constructions in the text type – newspaper headline. The paper is organized in three main sections. The first will briefly set the theoretical background for the study of idioms. The second section deals with a typology of emotion idioms in Romanian based on semantic and syntactic criteria, and the last section examines empirical findings concerning the use of emotion idioms in headlines of Romanian newspapers and provides answers to questions such as: What kind of emotion idioms are preferred? What emotions are conveyed by the author and stirred in the reader? Which are the effects of using emotion idioms upon the readers of newspaper headlines? pp. 61–74

Keywords: colloquial; idioms; emotion; headlines; contrastive analysis; reader

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Ovidius University, Constanța

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