ABSTRACT. The objective of this paper is to emphasize the direct consequence of intrinsic motivation on performance and the link between performance appraisal satisfaction and individuals’ psychological reactions. My paper contributes to the literature by providing evidence on the connection between expectation climate strength and employee performance, the autonomous function of extrinsic incentives in performance, and the relationships among extrinsic incentives, intrinsic motivation, and performance.

Keywords: performance appraisal satisfaction; extrinsic incentive; intrinsic motivation

How to cite: Popescu Ljungholm, Doina (2017). “Performance Appraisal Satisfaction in Organizations,” Review of Contemporary Philosophy 16: 136–142.

Received 24 January 2017 • Received in revised form 13 March 2017
Accepted 14 March 2017 • Available online 27 June 2017


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University of Pitesti

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