ABSTRACT. This review paper is a synopsis of the major contributions of my latest monograph dedicated to Michel Serres’s encyclopedic philosophy. Although my book fills a significant research gap as the first comprehensive exploration of Serres’s thought, there is much more work to be done given that Serres is overdue for recognition in comparison to more canonical French thinkers. For this reason, this present essay also encourages scholars from a myriad of other disciplines to (re-)engage with the theories of this eccentric, provocative, and highly original philosopher. Serres’s unique approach to writing philosophy, which incessantly transgresses disciplinary boundaries as part of an insatiable, epistemological quest that knows no bounds, has made him perfectly suited to be one of the most “prophetic” voices that the twentieth century has bequeathed to the twenty-first. The extensive nature of Serres’s interdisciplinary thought renders it applicable to nearly every major field of academic study. Thus, the utility of Serres’s philosophy in the context of all of the most pressing issues now facing global society appears to be infinite. Moreover, Serres’s uncanny ability to predict the future with astonishing accuracy, which is clearly evident in his early writings, ensures the future relevance of his late philosophy. pp. 11–37

Keywords: Michel Serres; contemporary French philosophy; continental philosophy; epistemology; environmental ethics; exo-Darwinian evolution

How to cite: Moser, Keith (2017), “Michel Serres’s Encyclopedic Philosophical Vision of an Ever-Changing Human Landscape,” Review of Contemporary Philosophy 16: 11–37.

Received 23 June 2016 • Received in revised form 18 August 2016
Accepted 18 August 2016 • Available online 30 August 2016


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