ABSTRACT. The mainstay of the paper is formed by an analysis of sustainable advancement in organizations, the determinants impacting firms to carry out sustainability practices, the function implicit social norms have in construing organizational values as regards organizational sustainability, and the capacity of main stakeholders as potential chief reason of sustainability in organizations. The purpose of this article is to gain a deeper understanding of the roles organizations play in preserving sustainability, the link between human resource management practices and organizational sustainability, anti-social undertakings capable of undermining organizational sustainability, and the advantages that organizations are attaining from implementing sustainability practices. pp. 139–145

Keywords: organizational sustainability; stakeholder; human resource management

How to cite: Popescu Ljunghom, Doina (2016), “Sustainability Implementation and Organizational Performance,” Review of Contemporary Philosophy 15: 139–145.

Received 28 November 2015 • Received in revised form 14 March 2016
Accepted 15 March 2016 • Available online 17 July 2016

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University of Pitesti

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