ABSTRACT. In this paper I am particularly interested in exploring the political nature of Duras’s films, plays, and fiction, the exotic space of her characters, the flexibility of the fictional view in her literary narratives, and the relevance in her cinema of the viewer’s function as dynamic creator. The findings of this study have implications for the heterogeneous character of Duras’s fiction, the complex intertextuality of her texts, the outstandingness of topics like segregation, marginality, desire, and insanity in her work, and her intensifying disbelief with regard to ideas of identity, knowledge, and communication. pp. 146–152

Keywords: Duras; fiction; drama; cinema; identity; knowledge

How to cite: Petcu, Carmen (2016), “Narrative Features of Marguerite Duras’s Fiction, Drama, and Cinema,” Review of Contemporary Philosophy 15: 146–152.

Received 29 November 2015 • Received in revised form 15 March 2016
Accepted 17 March 2016 • Available online 18 July 2016

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University of Craiova

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