ABSTRACT. The mainstay of the paper is formed by an analysis of organizational elements that further or enable creativity, the cognitive foundations of creativity, the nature of mathematical creativity, and features of mental activity related to creative mathematical thought. This paper generates insights about the intricacy of causal determinants underlying creativity, the function played in creative thinking by analogical and figurative operations and capacities, and the indispensability of proof in the creative process. This paper seeks to fill a gap in the current literature by examining the creative process in mathematics, personality traits correlated with creative accomplishment and activity, and neural mechanisms of creative thinking. This research makes conceptual and methodological contributions to the creative facet of associating language with cognition, essential attributes connected with creative achievement and undertaking, the effect of positive affect on creative problem solving, and the function of organizational setting in the advancement of individual creativity. pp. 156–161

Keywords: neural mechanisms; reasoning; creative mathematical thought

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University of Craiova

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