ABSTRACT. The purpose of this article is to gain a deeper understanding of relevant social and behavioral disorders detected in patients with Alzheimer’s disease, the neuroanatomical correlates of emotional learning and memory processing in Alzheimer’s disease, the link between the deterioration of particular brain regions and the identification of emotional facial expressions (EFEs), and dementia- and age-associated disorders in emotional processing. My analysis complements the growing literature on the character and degree of facial emotion processing shortfalls in Alzheimer’s disease, neuroanatomical arrangements implicated in emotional memory shortfalls in Alzheimer’s disease, cognitive disorders generated by the process of Alzheimer’s disease, and the effect of the advancement of dementia on emotion-based learning capacity. The findings of this study have implications for the social and behavioral disorders that frequently come with Alzheimer’s disease, emotional memory in Alzheimer’s disease, the shortfall in Alzheimer’s disease individuals’ emotional decoding capacities, and deformations of memory in people with Alzheimer’s disease for real-world episodes. pp. 150–155

Keywords: Alzheimer’s disease; emotional processing; memory impairment

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University of Bucharest

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