Duck-Joo Kwak is professor at Seoul National University in Seoul, Korea. Her research interests are, broadly speaking, ethics, philosophy of education, and teacher education. She has written numerous articles on civic and moral education from a post-liberal perspective, especially in relation to democratic citizenship in liberal Confucian culture. Duck-Joo Kwak has pursued the notion of moral education in teacher education for well over a decade focusing on the work of Stanley Cavell’s skepticism, political philosophy, and his perfectionist approach to citizenship, and Lukács’ Soul and Form and the essay as a pedagogical form of writing. Duck-Joo Kwak has published on values education, critical thinking as a form of ethical reflection (following Bernard Williams), Rorty’s postmodern civic education and Kierkegaard’s notion of subjectivity: as a basis for a new moral education. Her new book Education for Self Transformation: Essay Form as an Educational Practice (Springer, 2011) builds on these themes to recommend the essay as a revalued form of lived experience and the basis for educational transformation. pp. 90–102

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University of Waikato;
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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