ABSTRACT. Sharon Rider is Professor of Logic and Metaphysics at the Department of Philosophy at Uppsala University. She is currently Vice Dean for the Faculty of Arts and Director for Higher Education Studies at the Center for Science and Technology Studies. She studied Philosophy at Pennsylvania State University, the University of Louvain and Uppsala University, and has taught as Visiting Professor at Åbo Academy and Turku University (Finland) and Gävle University College (Sweden). Her interests include the history of philosophy, especially ancient Greek philosophy (Plato and Aristotle), the Enlightenment (Kant and Rousseau), modern German thought (Marx, Nietzsche, Weber), contemporary French philosophy (especially Foucault), American Pragmatism, and Wittgenstein.  Aside from the history of philosophy, she has taught courses, directed dissertations and written on the philosophy of science, philosophy of language, epistemology, and phenomenology. Most recently, she has focused on the philosophy of social science and the philosophy of education, inspired largely by her studies in the history of philosophy. pp. 140–157

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