ABSTRACT. This article reviews Magrini (2017) and supplements it with theoretically-based empirical research. Magrini rigorously proves that Socratic learning is substantiated in the routine of care for the soul, which is the advancement or alteration of the character via educational procedures. The practice of Being-educated for Socrates may be grasped in relation to enabling ethical enhancement via a curriculum configuring life’s development as a philosophical mechanism of learning, justified in the elenchus-dialectic, within occasions of finite human transcendence. Socratic learning as the routine of care for the soul is integral to the evolution of the human’s character/frame of mind, via which the virtues are articulated in the framework of the dialectic’s evolvement.

Keywords: Socratic learning; Being-educated; ethical life; elenchus-dialectic

How to cite: Lăzăroiu, George (2018). “The Socratic Process of Learning: Being-Educated as a Philosophical Way of the Ethical Life,” Review of Contemporary Philosophy 17: 114–120.

Received 22 March 2018 • Received in revised form 4 June 2018
Accepted 7 June 2018 • Available online 9 July 2018


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Spiru Haret University

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