ABSTRACT. The theory that I shall seek to elaborate here puts considerable emphasis on the growing tendency for e-government and electronic service distribution, the embracing of e-government instruments to accelerate regulatory reform, and the capacity of empowered communities and cooperative governance for sustainable development. The results of the current study converge with prior research on e-government schemes focused on advancing successful public governance and regulatory management, public administration as a tool of sustainable development, and the sustainability of information technology in government entities. The paper generates insights about e-government’s advantages for sustainable development, adequate use of sustainable online services, and citizen participation as a key component of sustainable development. pp. 30–36
JEL codes: Q01; Q56; P46; D11

Keywords: sustainable development; public administration; citizen participation

How to cite: Nica, Elvira (2015), “Public Administration as a Tool of Sustainable Development,” Journal of Self-Governance and Management Economics 3(4): 30–36.

Received 18 February 2015 • Received in revised form 20 June 2015
Accepted 22 June 2015 • Available online 8 August 2015

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Bucharest University of Economic Studies

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