ABSTRACT. The material gathered in this study provides a rich and diverse context for understanding the rise of BRICs in world trade, the role of the BRICs as recipients and as sources of FDI, the GDP growth performance of the BRICs countries, and high and sustained growth rates among the BRICs. The paper generates insights about the BRICS’ conception of global order, China’s rapid accretion of economic and political power, the transmission of the crisis across the BRIC countries, and the emergence of the BRIC countries as future economic and financial world level powers. pp. 62–67
JEL Codes: O43, R11, D92

Keywords: BRIC(S), economic structure, leadership, performance, growth

How to cite: Popescu, Gheorghe H. (2013), “The Heterogeneity of the BRICS’ Economic Structure,” Journal of Self-Governance and Management Economics 1(3): 62–67.

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Dimitrie Cantemir Christian University, Romania

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