ABSTRACT. As the leading aim of each Polish organization is reflected by human performances growth, the benefits of this particular approach to social work environment redesign can be easily pinned down if we are to consider the fact that the inner motivation of each employee can be put to use in order to obtain a better profitable employment. The inherent advantages in embracing this principle are not only material, since the majority of the experts agree upon the fact that the accumulation of new pieces of knowledge also brings about personal, emotional fulfillment. Nowadays, social satisfaction seems to matter the most, determining, as a matter of fact, the choosing and the upholding of the workplace. Thus, the need to invest in human resources appears to be imperative for today’s employers. In order to underline the high importance of the social environment upon the trend line of the human performances diminish or growth we have designed an econometric model upon the 2012 results of a polish FCMG company, using the units for tailoring strategies to fit group performances growth (Hours-entire managerial team) volume variance in order to be explained by the influence of the four variable, promoting social equilibrium internal strategies (Hours-entire managerial team) (x1i), Rework Costs per work activity (PLN-entire company’s activity) (x2i), Queue time per company’s each activity (days-operational team) (x3i), Follow-up on work change (Hours-entire managerial team) (x4i). From this point of view, our research paper reveals the major orientation linked from social contribution to the labor environment arrangement from witch will also result the managerial efforts growth of making more pleasant the worker’s labor, in the purpose of motivating them, generally speaking, in growing the labor efficiency and, especially, in growing the productivity. pp. 93–105
JEL codes: A13, C31, E16

Keywords: econometric modeling, shaping the company’s social mapping, group performances growth, contribute actively, contingency planning

How to cite: Pyziak, Paweł (2013), “Contingency Planning to Redesign Social Work Environment upon the Trendline of the Human Performances Using the Econometric Modeling,” Journal of Self-Governance and Management Economics 1(1): 93–105.

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Stanislaw Staszic State School
of Higher Vocational School in Pila, Poland

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