ABSTRACT. I follow recent research showing that labor markets are undergoing an impressive metamorphosis, where standard employment is gradually accompanied or replaced by impermanent gig work facilitated by online platforms. Using data from JPMorgan Chase Institute, I performed analyses and made estimates regarding reliance on, and active participation in, capital platforms, percent of participants who drop out within 12 months, percent of active participants that are new entrants to the online platform economy, percent of adults participating on platforms by employment status, and three-month rolling average of monthly platform earnings. Empirical and secondary data are used to support the claim that labor platforms increase the access to work regulated via the market.
JEL codes: L14; L86

Keywords: non-employment work arrangement; digital labor marketplace; gig economy

How to cite: Drugău-Constantin, Andreea (2018). “Non-Employment Work Arrangements in Digital Labor Marketplaces: Who’s Fooling Who?,” Journal of Self-Governance and Management Economics 6(3): 136–142.

Received 29 May 2018 • Received in revised form 24 August 2018
Accepted 27 August 2018 • Available online 13 September 2018


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