ABSTRACT. Using data from Gallup and Transparency International, I investigate the empirical link between actual experiences and perceptions of corruption in the public sector among individuals, and highlight the relevance of public perceptions of corruption for citizens’ assessments of the standards and effectiveness of the political system. Being politically informed shapes perceptions of government corruption. Greater unambiguousness may generate inferior degrees of corruption and a climate contributing to long-term growth and advancement.
JEL codes: D73; D72; L22; L25

Keywords: public perception; government corruption; democracy; political system

How to cite: Ionescu, Luminița (2017). “Public Perceptions of Government Corruption: An Empirical Investigation,” Journal of Self-Governance and Management Economics 5(4): 81–86.

Received 14 April 2017 • Received in revised form 11 August 2017
Accepted 13 August 2017 • Available online 7 September 2017


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Spiru Haret University, Bucharest

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