ABSTRACT. This paper seeks to fill a gap in the current literature by examining the significance of Bolsa Família’s effect on poverty at the state level, the process of enforcement and enlargement of Bolsa Família, and the function of municipalities in attaining its success. The findings of this study have implications for the advance and fulfillment of Bolsa Família, the consequences of its program on school performance and attendance, and its role in altering the Brazilian poverty and disparity landscape. pp. 112–118
JEL codes: I32; P36; P46

Keywords: Bolsa Família; poverty; inequality; monetary incentive

How to cite: Nica, Elvira (2014), “Bolsa Família’s Contribution to Poverty Alleviation,” Economics, Management, and Financial Markets 9(4): 112–118.

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Bucharest University of Economic Studies

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