ABSTRACT. According to Mirguet, the actual management of the standardization activity is scientifically performed based on standardization programs that reflect the capacity of the national standardization system of corresponding to the national economic and social system, on the one hand, and the compatibility of the national standardization system with the global system, on the other hand, taking first into account the economical activities, the cooperations, the exchanges of goods and the specific standardization activities. Murby writes that standardization is one of the factors of influence over universal culture and civilization, its knowledge and development contributing to the profitability of human activities and the achievement of a high living standard; it is an instrument of transparency and progress because it contributes both to the user information, helping it to choose the products whose functioning aptitudes are in conformity with what the respective user is in search of, and to the user protection, standardization ensuring the design and manufacture of safe products. (pp. 322–332)

JEL: L15, M11, O32

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Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest

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