Abstract. India is on the threshold of economic emergence. For the momentum to continue, the country requires capital mobilization – a phenomenon that cannot occur in developing countries unless the newly rising classes of suburban and rural investors invest their funds safely and engage in healthy investment behavior. But empirical studies on actual investment behavior and orientation of nonurban investors in developing countries are seldom recorded. This study is an attempt to portray the investment goals, risk attitudes, and return expectations of investors in a representative suburban region in India. Findings reveal that the kind of investment strategy orientation held by nonurban investors in India is rather immature and potentially damaging to the capital mobilization prospects of the country. Findings of the study have implications for other developing countries(pp. 205–225)
JEL: O16, O18, O53, P45

Keywords: developing countries, investment strategy orientation, investment goals, nonurban investors 

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United Arab Emirates University

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