Abstract. The following is a book review of Hugo Kükelhaus’s Inhuman architecture: from animal battery to information factory. The book, first published in German by Kükelhaus in 1972 (Köln: Gaia Verlag), was translated into English and published by Elmar Schenkel in 2007 (Auroville, India: Studio Naqshbandi).

Key words: architecture; urban density; uniformity; education; stupidity; somatic; pendulum; oscillation; diversity; archetype

Stroe MA (2022) Hugo Kükelhaus on inhuman architecture: steps towards archetypal architecture. Creativity 5(1): 141–149. doi:10.22381/C5120226

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University of Bucharest,
Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures,
English Department;
Bucharest, Romania;

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