ABSTRACT. The present essay brings together two authors, Sri Aurobindo and Christopher Caudwell, in a comparative approach. For each of the two a major work will be considered in more detail, namely Sri Aurobindo’s The future poetry (1917–1920ff) and Caudwell’s Illusion and reality (1937). For all their differences, the two major writings share common ground that will be explored in the context of Marxian theory and Hindu philosophy and culture. What is unambiguous with regard to both authors is that both wished to open new frontiers of knowledge, both were intellectual forces, both experimented, both worked comparatively, both saw in poetry a social and liberating act, and both were thus engaged in a quest for a new kind of poetics that aimed at pointing out the vast potential of the poetic phenomenon to reunite the disunited: the artistic, the scientific, the spiritual. pp. 137–161

Keywords: illusion; reality; unorthodox Marxism; future of poetry; spiritualised aesthetic; spiritualised cosmos

How to cite: Murali S (2018) Conceptualizing poetic futures in visions and variations: Sri Aurobindo & Christopher Caudwell. Creativity 1(2): 137–161. doi:10.22381/C1220183

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