Smart Governance

Volume 1(3) • 2022 TOP LINK

Spatial Computing and Deep Learning-based Sensing Technologies, Machine Vision and Cognitive Decision-Making Algorithms, and Digital Twin Simulation and Data Visualization Tools in Web3-powered Metaverse Worlds
Author: Katarina Zvarikova1, Andrej Novak1, and Diana Atkinson2
Machine Learning-based Navigation and Image Processing Computational Algorithms, Virtual Immersive and Multi-Sensory Extended Reality Technologies, and Decision Support and 3D Virtual Space Networking Tools in a Fully Connected Metaverse
Author: Aurel Pera*
3D Immersive Virtual Reality and Spatial Computing Technologies, Real-Time Data Tracking and Machine Learning-based Image Recognition Tools, and Brain-inspired Artificial Intelligence and Data Stream Clustering Algorithms in the Decentralized Metaverse
Author: Charles Goodman*
Spatial Computing and 3D Immersive Virtual Reality Technologies, Simulation Modeling and Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence Tools, and Internet of Things-based Decision Support and Remote Sensing Systems in the Metaverse Interactive Environment
Author: Susan Henley*
Context-aware Augmented Reality and Bio-inspired Artificial Vision Systems, Situational Awareness and Deep Learning Forecasting Algorithms, and Scene Recognition and Spatial Computing Technologies in the Decentralized and Interconnected Metaverse
Author: Juraj Cug1, Zuzana Rowland2, and Michael Barker3

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Visual Perceptive and Blockchain-based Decentralized Metaverse Systems, Ambient Intelligence and Digital Twin Simulation Tools, and Deep Learning and Virtual Mapping Algorithms in Immersive 3D Worlds
Author: Maria Kovacova1, Tomas Krulicky2, and Barbara Woodward3
Spatio-Temporal Fusion and Deep Learning Computer Vision Algorithms, Internet of Things-based Decision Support and Biometric Authentication Systems, and Natural Language Processing and Data Mining Tools in the Virtual Economy of the Metaverse
Author: Andreea-Elena Negoianu*
3D Generative Modeling and Digital Twin Simulation Tools, Spatio-Temporal Fusion and Context Awareness Algorithms, and Immersive Visualization and Cyber-Physical Cognitive Systems in the Blockchain-based Metaverse
Author: Pavol Durana1, Veronika Machova2, and Ann Stevens3
Artificial Intelligence-powered Prediction and Geospatial Mapping Tools, Networked Immersive Virtual Reality and Multimodal Sensing Systems, and Spatial Computing and Holographic Telepresence Technologiesin the 3D Cognitive Digital Twin Metaverse
Author: Raluca-Ștefania Balica*
Machine Learning-based Decision Support and Socially-Extended Cognition Systems, Affective and Perceptual Technologies, and Spatio-Temporal Fusion and Visual Tracking Algorithms in the Virtual Environment of the Metaverse
Author: Katarina Zvarikova1, Juraj Cug1, and Rebecca Sullivan2

Volume 1(1) • 2022 TOP LINK

Tradeable Digital Assets, Immersive Extended Reality Technologies, and Blockchain-based Virtual Worlds in the Metaverse Economy
Author: Robert Watson*
The Economics of the Metaverse: Immersive Virtual Technologies, Consumer Digital Engagement, and Augmented Reality Shopping Experience
Author: Elvira Nica1, Tomas Kliestik2, Katarina Valaskova2, Oana-Matilda Sabie1
Metaverse Technologies in the Virtual Economy: Deep Learning Computer Vision Algorithms, Blockchain-based Digital Assets, and Immersive Shared Worlds
Author: Richard Blake*
Trade Growth in Blockchain-based Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Markets for Digital Assets
Author: Mary Rowland*
Decentralized Finance, Blockchain Technology, and Digital Assets in Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Markets
Author: Gheorghe H. Popescu1, Milos Poliak2, Cristina Manole3, Cătălina-Oana Dumitrescu3

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