ABSTRACT. The current study has extended past research by elucidating the precursors and determinants of green consumption, advertisement of developing engagement-oriented green consumption contributions, and the relevance of green human routines for environmental protection. My paper contributes to the literature by providing evidence on the contextual and cultural awareness of green consumption conducts, the collaborative and procedural character of environmental and action knowledge, and the dominant aspects that improve consumers’ green competencies. This research makes conceptual and methodological contributions to contextual factors and cultural influences on the green consumption conduct, the inspiring and impeding components that influence worldwide green advertising approach and behavioral purpose, and the function of green disbelief in individuals’ impulsion to buy green products.

Keywords: green consumerism; environmentally conscious behavior; advertising

How to cite: Bratu, Sofia (2017). “Is Green Consumerism Really an Environmentally Conscious Behavior?,” Geopolitics, History, and International Relations 9(2): 167–173.

Received 18 April 2017 • Received in revised form 19 June 2017
Accepted 21 June 2017 • Available online 5 August 2017


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