ABSTRACT. “No one governs innocently” – noted de Beauvoir in her 1947’s The Ethics of Ambiguity… Is oil more than energy? Is this a construct that architectures the world currently known to acceptable for us? After a lot of hot air, the disillusion- ing epilogue of the Arab Facebook revolutions is more firearms and less confidence residing in the region, and a higher (moral, economic and political) carbon energy price everywhere else. As if the confrontational nostalgia, perpetuated by the intense competition over finite resources, in lieu of a real, far-reaching policy-making has prevailed again. Besides maybe (the Russian oil exporters and government in) Ankara, nobody has anything to celebrate for. Caught in the middle of its indigenous incapability and the global blind obedience to the fossil-carbon addictions, and yet enveloped in just another trauma, the Arab world and the wider Middle East theatre remains a hostage of mega geopolitical and geoeconomic chess-board drama. However, all what looks now as over-determined was not necessarily pre-determined in its beginnings. pp. 67–94

Keywords: Middle East/MENA, Geopolitics, Hydrocarbon Status Quo, International Legal System, Diplomacy and International Legitimacy

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