ABSTRACT. The entrepreneurship of migrant populations is often of a transnational nature. Transnational entrepreneurs leverage opportunities arising from their sociocultural embeddedness and optimize resources where they consider these fruitful. As an emerging theoretical domain, transnational entrepreneurship is conceptualized in the intersection of the individual entrepreneur and the firm. The objective of this study is to enrich the conceptual discussion integrating the levels of analysis linked to the individual sociocultural background and life cycle. It examines the influence of a transnational sociocultural background on business. Additionally, this qualitative case study analyzes the trajectories of five Bukharian Jewish diaspora entrepreneurs in Israel. The impacts of social networks, identity, values, and family on the entrepreneur and the firm are notable in all cases. Despite their inherent transnationalism, these entrepreneurs integrate, acculturate, and engage mainly in local business activities; they do not use their resources for international operations. The study provides propositions for discussion and further research. pp. 22–42

Keywords: transnational entrepreneurship; diaspora; diaspora entrepreneur; sociocultural background; Bukharian Jewish diaspora; Israel
JEL Codes: F22; F29; A13; D22; M13; Z1; Z12; Z13

Maria Elo
Turku School of Economics, University of Turku
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Päivi Jokela
Turku School of Economics,
Department of Marketing and International Business,
University of Turku

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