ABSTRACT. Our economy has experienced unprecedented challenges in the 21st century. Financial instability, trade risks, climate change, and rising costs of providing goods and services threaten our quality of life across regions. In general rural communities are more vulnerable compared to urban communities with respect to resources, opportunities, and information. Many constraints limit the capacity and capability for rural communities as they strive for success. For example, producers in rural areas often have difficulty to reach high-populated markets to promote and deliver their goods and services. People living in rural areas need to travel longer distance to access healthcare, education, training, and other services that will likely improve their well-being and employment opportunities. With the fast growing information system and infrastructure, many rural communities still do not have access to broadband internet services, which hinder the development and connection for rural residents, enterprises, organizations, investors, and networks. pp. 1–2

Chy-Lyi “Kathleen” Liang
University of Vermont
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