ABSTRACT. The following research, supplemented with an extensive bibliography, is an invitation to discover the diversity of Romania’s vinous heritage. It deals for a start, on a region-by-region basis, with the vineyards and wines in the Pericarpathian zone: the Moldavian Plateau, the Piedmont at the Carpathians’ Curvature, the Getic Plateau, the Banat-Crisana Maramures Region. Each chapter includes history, geology, grape varieties, climate, winemaking and trends. pp. 5–94

Keywords: Romanian wine; vineyard; the Pericarpathian zone; geology; climate; grape varieties; winemaking; trends.

Valeriu D. Cotea
The Romanian Academy
Neculai Barbu
Ioan Cuza University
Constantin C. Grigorescu
The Romanian Academy
Valeriu V. Cotea
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Ion Ionescu de la Brad University

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