ABSTRACT. We will deal with the widespread penetration of technology into the modern world and the far-reaching psychological effects of the newly created virtual world, nomophobia included. The “souls” at charge (mostly teenagers, also children and even babies under assault of baby-TV and baby-DVD) and the communication (essentially versus communion) at issue, powered by TV and smartphone with its iBlanket stations, by techno-kids and even digi-toddlers. We finally deal with low self-control and self-esteem in mostly dysfunctional families, low social skills and emotional intelligence, low level of conscientiousness and heightened neuroticism, chronic stress and anxiety, impulsivity and depression.

Keywords: communication vs. communion; self-control; self-esteem; nomophobia; digital technology; social skills

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Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Faculty of Orthodox Theology;
Iaşi, Romania

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