ABSTRACT. The article reviews some of the expressions of the fantastic double, in the realm of supernatural literature, in which one can include motifs such as the shadow, the mirror, the androgynous, the double personality or the presence of an unknown, evil entity. Each writer, beginning with Chamisso and ending with present-day authors, interprets this theme in a highly personal manner, thus enriching the inventory of fantasy characters marked by the obsession of the double. But, among the undisputed masters of the genre, we must mention Poe, Nerval, Maupassant, Stevenson, Henry James, Gustav Meyrink and, to be sure, Eminescu, Mateiu I. Caragiale, Cezar Petrescu, Mircea Eliade. pp. 199–207

Keywords: supernatural literature; fantasy; double; shadow; mirror; androgynous.

Ana Zastroiu Sanduloviciu
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Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Romania

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