ABSTRACT. The study aims at providing an analysis of the architecture and narthex mural paintings of Dochiariou Monastery, which is among the most beautiful and important places in the churches of Mount Athos. Although the monastery was founded in the 10th century, the current catholicon was built by the benefaction of Voivode Alexander Lapusneanu in 1568, and it is no coincidence that its architecture (vaulting system and shape) is quite similar to those in Moldavia (Slatina Monastery). The frescoes belong to the Cretan school, being made in 1568, both in terms of iconography, style and technique, they are close to Theophan the Cretan, the promoter of this school of painting. Broadly speaking, through its theme, the iconographic program reflects the specific liturgical function of the narthex (lithic) in Mount Athos.

Keywords: Narthex of Dochiariou; Cretan school; iconography; lithic; church architecture; mural painting

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Alexandru Ioan Cuza University,
Faculty of Orthodox Theology;
Iaşi, Romania

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