ABSTRACT. The chameleonic but at the same time iconic American cinema figure, Marilyn Monroe, represented along the time different things for various people, oscillating from the absolute standard of female sensuality to the image of beauty, sexuality, promiscuity, grace, desolation and even madness. Any attempt to understand or dissect the tragic elements that led to the fascinating life of a simple orphan girl who forever changed the perception of a nation and ultimately, of the world, is not possible without letting aside any preconceived ideas about her personality, and accept the fact that she most probably was a combination of everything she ever represented. The road from glory to tragedy hides an enigmatic and complex range of events and experiences of a woman who was always surrounded by vivid images of pure life and who enjoyed and lived her condition with the same intensity. pp. 93–97

Keywords: Marilyn Monroe; fantasy; desolation; sexuality; madness

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