ABSTRACT. In her novels, Rhys reorders fragmented elements of her Afrocentric identity. The heteroglossia and calypso infuse her writings: the interaction of many voices, the condensed imagery, rhetorical devices of satire and questioning, themes of betrayal, exploitation and oppression. In addition, she also chooses a marginal language, full of ambiguity and double meaning, creating the modern text with her exiled characters and their torn stories. In this paper, we tried to analyze several symbols that define the identity of the characters: dreams, visions, landscapes, character names, place names, colors, fire, animal imagery and even titles. The use of symbolism is a form of sublimation. By the extensive use of images and symbols, Rhys tries to deepen and broaden her style. pp. 175-188

Keywords: memories, pre-text, narrative techniques, marginal language, cultural identity

Cristina-Georgiana Voicu
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Apollonia University, Romania

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