ABSTRACT. We will describe a series of aspects related to “the sublime” dimension or rather the glory of Orthodoxy, to its theoretical and practical splendors as they were interpreted, experienced or preached by Rev. Professor Dumitru Stăniloae. From the perspective of the great Romanian theologian, the first of the most important characteristics of the Orthodox faith and spirituality is its fidelity to tradition which is one of the two sources that preserve the truths of faith. The study also focuses on the threefold responsibility of Orthodoxy, that is towards the past, towards contemporaneity and towards the future and analyses other specific traits such as “the Byzantine synthesis” or its pneumatologic spirituality.

Keywords: Stăniloae; faith; Orthodoxy; spirituality; communion; Liturgy

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Reverend Professor PhD at Alexandru Ioan Cuza University,
Faculty of Orthodox Theology, Iaşi, Romania

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