ABSTRACT. Decoding the symbolism of Revelation was considered a key to interpreting the last book of the Scripture. The symbol of the city is present sometimes in a negative manner, with reference to Babylon, or in a positive one when the author has in mind the city of Jerusalem. Presenting the cities, the emphasis falls on the idea of cohabitation. But what stands out is the originality of the description of the city’s features. Among the original elements, it is worth mentioning the metamorphosis of the symbols and the complexity of images, almost always created using aspects from the Old and New Testament. The symbolism of the city has a theological sense and exhortative purpose. First of all, John warns his readers about the danger of idolatry and imminent persecution. Second, the author addresses the invitation to be with Christ and the powers of good in order to enter the city of the New Jerusalem descendent from God.

Keywords: Book of Revelation; symbolism; metamorphosis; city; sense; original

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PhD; Associate Professor of Biblical Studies,
Faculty of Catholic Theology,
Alexandru Ioan Cuza University; Iași, Romania

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