ABSTRACT. In this paper I am particularly interested in exploring the neural mechanism of concept formation, neural structures responsible for knowledge and language instincts, and the natures of machine and human sign systems. Perlovsky argues that the mind and brain refer to the same physical system at different levels of description, and points out that belief in logic has psychological roots related to functioning of human mind. On Tanaka-Ishii’s reading, there is no difference in the nature of an individual sign between human sign systems and those of machines. Chen et al. put it that acquisition of abstract concept is the key step in human intelligence development. Sandberg and Bostrom maintain that there exist many potential genetic interventions that directly or indirectly improve aspects of memory. pp. 154–159

Keywords: neural, network, modeling, concept, formation, sign


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PhD C., University of Bucharest
MSc, Goldsmiths-University of London

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