ABSTRACT. This is the introduction to a collection of essays on “post-continental” philosophy that appears in the web dossier Worlds and Knowledges Otherwise. It opens up a space for a number of Third World critical intellectual positions that defy the boundaries of analytic and continental philosophy. After descriptions of main tenets in the more traditional philosophical styles or forms of reflection, particularly continental philosophy, it focuses on the perspectives of Caribbean intellectuals Aimé Césaire and Frantz Fanon. The essay then offers an account of European forms of double consciousness, most notably in Jean-Paul Sartre, that can lead up to decolonial forms of critique. “Post-continental” philosophy appears here, not as the name of a movement after continental philosophy, but as a critical position towards the impetus of taking “the continent,” Europe or elsewhere, as the foundation for a form of being or thinking. Post-continental philosophy, as it is presented here, also advances decolonial conceptions of history, subjectivity, and spatiality. pp. 40–86

Keywords: post-continental, philosophy, double consciousness, being, thinking, critique


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