ABSTRACT. This paper provides a critical analysis of the post-2015 global development agenda that the international community plans to adopt. This agenda, produced by a high-level panel of eminent persons, is based on two previous agendas – the MDGs and the SDGs. This merger is motivated by similarities in their goals, interdependence between some of their goals, and the need for improved global governance, especially with respect to global public goods. However both agendas are ill-defined and a gap exists between ends and means. The new unique agenda has numerous and varied goals which are potentially in conflict. Furthermore, the world has changed a lot since 2000 and this necessitates a change in the global development agenda. Globally there have been growing economic and social inequalities, considerable population growth and the rise of emerging economies. Subjects of increasing concern include climate change, and other environmental and sustainability issues. These need to be given greater attention in any new economic and/or political agenda than previously. It is argued that developed countries might face a dilemma between altruistic aid policies and tied aid to encourage transformation towards a green economy. Despite its shortcomings, it can be argued that the new agenda provides scope for political compromise and flexibility. This is rational if a wide view of rationality is adopted. pp. 72–94
JEL codes: O1; O19; Q5; Q56

Keywords: Millennium Development Goals; Sustainable Development Goals; Global Public Goods; coordination failures; collective action; tied aid

How to cite: Svizzero, Serge, and Clement Tisdell (2016), “The Post-2015 Global Development Agenda: A Critical Analysis,” Journal of Self-Governance and Management Economics 4(1): 72–94.

Received 4 March 2015 • Received in revised form 6 July 2015
Accepted 7 July 2015 • Available online 15 September 2015


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