ABSTRACT. Starting with the 1960s, among the schools of marketing thought the studies related to consumer behavior have begun to come into focus. But as consumer behavior refers to the study of how someone acquires products, the notion of meaning becomes pivotal. From here it was not only a step to the involvement of semiotics in marketing researches. Formulated as discipline at the beginning of the twentieth century, semiotics comes close to marketing through the writings of Roland Barthes at the same time with the development of consumer research in marketing. This paper describes the way that marketing traveled from the first schools of thought to the consumer behavior research and the implication of semiotic paradigm on meaning in the marketplace. pp. 61–71
JEL Codes: M31; P46

Keywords: schools of marketing thought; consumer behavior school; meaning; sign; semiotics

How to cite: Serban, Silviu (2014), “From Marketing to Semiotics: The Way to Marketing Semiotics,” Journal of Self-Governance and Management Economics 2(2): 61–71.

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