ABSTRACT. The material gathered in this study provides a rich and diverse context for understanding the causal effect of need-based grants on persistence in college, the commitment of universities to social justice, and the process of understanding financing option for HE. Thus, our aim in this paper is to examine the interrelationship between financial aid eligibility and college persistence, the unsustainability and inequity of public HE financing, cost sharing and cost-recovery schemes for financing higher education, and the effect of financial aid on persistence in college. pp. 7–12
JEL Codes: H52; I23; N3

Keywords: HE; financial aid; economic benefit; cost

How to cite: Nica, Elvira (2014), “The Growth in the Price of Higher Education,” Journal of Self-Governance and Management Economics 2(1): 7–12.

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Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Romana

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