ABSTRACT. Despite the relevance of smart sustainable data-driven manufacturing, only limited research has been conducted on this topic. Using and replicating data from BCG, CompTIA, PAC, PwC, and Techconsult, I performed analyses and made estimates regarding smart factory initiatives evaluated, planned or already deployed by organizations. The results of a study based on data collected from 4,400 respondents provide support for my research model. Using the structural equation modeling, I gathered and analyzed data through a self-administrated questionnaire.
JEL codes: E24; J21; J54; J64

Keywords: smart; sustainable; data-driven; manufacturing; cognitive automation

How to cite: Collins, K. (2020). “Cyber-Physical Production Networks, Real-Time Big Data Analytics, and Cognitive Automation in Sustainable Smart Manufacturing,” Journal of Self-Governance and Management Economics 8(2): 21–27. doi:10.22381/JSME8220203

Received 11 March 2020 • Received in revised form 19 June 2020
Accepted 20 June 2020 • Available online 23 June 2020

Karen Collins
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The Health Economics Research Unit
at CLI, Glasgow, Scotland

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