ABSTRACT. This research synthesizes existing studies and investigates customer value co-creation behavior in the online platform economy. Building my argument by drawing on data collected from Atlas, BLS, Deloitte, D&S, Edelman Intelligence, GAO, JPMorgan Chase Institute, Upwork, and YouGov Omnibus, I performed analyses and made estimates regarding annual personal income of freelancers in US and UK, year-on-year growth in gig economy monthly earnings, median individual income reported by alternative workers, average weekly earnings (traditional vs. contingent employment), type of gig economy work by income earned from gig economy in the past 12 months, type of gig economy work by total annual income from all sources, and frequency of involvement by annual income from gig economy.
JEL codes: L14; L86

Keywords: customer value; co-creation behavior; online platform economy

How to cite: Meilhan, Deborah (2019). “Customer Value Co-Creation Behavior in the Online Platform Economy,” Journal of Self-Governance and Management Economics 7(1): 19–24. doi:10.22381/JSME7120193

Received 14 December 2018 • Received in revised form 7 March 2019
Accepted 10 March 2019 • Available online 18 March 2019

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Center for Economic Performance
at CSA, Canberra, Australia

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