ABSTRACT. Contemporary Irish literature has a noticeable interest in women’s diasporic experiences in the 20th century. This article analyses the construction process of a new society in America in four selected novels, focusing on the physical and emotional (dis)locations undergone by their female characters. The underlying tensions between their actual experiences and the Irish national discourse are studied from a gender perspective. The depressed Irish context and the existing networks overseas are detected as determinant factors that shape the construction of a gendered society overseas. pp. 83–89

Keywords: Irish women; migration; literature; society

How to cite: Barros-Del Rio, Maria Amor (2016), “On Both Sides of the Atlantic: Migration, Gender, and Society in Contemporary Irish Literature,” Journal of Research in Gender Studies 6(2): 83–89.

Received 15 September 2016 • Received in revised form 1 October 2016
Accepted 2 October 2016 • Available online 10 October 2016


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